Urban Fantasy


Bill Masuku

Misfortunism: Misery made into magic is the gift of bending reality to one’s wishes; the high price of one’s suffering.

William, a university student at Graham, is unknowingly a powerful Misfortunist whose magic begins to take on its own personality. Unaware of his abilities, William struggles with what he believes to be his failing sanity. All the while, students are mysteriously disappearing from campus. There’s something bigger at play as someone tries to bring heaven down to earth. Will William discover the truth about himself and regain control before it is too late or will his magic take over him completely?


Bill Masuku

A War of Minds
Three months after being separated from his depressive entity, life on the surface is as it should be for William. But deep within him, his Other Self  starts to come to terms with their conflict. Disconnected from his misfortunist powers, William is pulled away from his life once again in preparation for an all out battle with Holey. Will he be able to regain control of his psychic powers and stop Holey or is this end of all misfortune as we know it?

Sleight of Hand

Ilse V Rensburg and Jason Hes

Destroy all unnaturals.

New York City. 1926.

Demento, a young magician with a sinister past, becomes the target of a secret organisation when a string of bizarre murders leaves the nation perplexed.

Gwen Cavanagh, an agent of the October House, is sent to investigate the brutal crimes. She poses as an eager magician’s assistant, wanting nothing more than to relish Demento’s demise.

What both ladies discover not only shakes the very fabric of their realities.

It could bring about the end of the world, as their journeys take them through the crumbling nickel empire that is Coney Island, to the ritzy ballrooms of the American upper-crust, glamorous theatre halls, and the soulless alleyways of Hell’s Kitchen.

The Black Cube

N M Millen

In a society controlled by the uneasy duality of magic and technology, the government is searching for an answer to the problem of resources.

One man, a spellsmith, accidently creates the solution to their problem with a spell that has a terrible cost.

Now they hunt him.


Clockwork Renegades Vol. I

Ashleigh Hattingh Macfie


Alex, the fiery-tempered daughter of a powerful General, was raised in the idyllic countryside surrounded by automatons in the Victorian steam age. Her choices up until now were dictated by her manipulative father and Alex had resigned herself to the life of a dutiful wife.

Until she meets a man living two lives.

Alex’s world shattered when she discovered her family’s involvement in thousands of deaths under the tyrannical rule of the Queen.

Thrust into a tumultuous world of subterfuge and rebellion, Alex must break the chains of everything she once believed true to find the courage to stand with the broken rebels and fight.

Clockwork Renegades Vol. II

Ashleigh Hattingh Macfie

Glitch, the ardent visionary, has shepherded her people onto the path to victory against the iron handed monarchy. But her optimism isn’t shared by Alex who fears the darkness growing inside their new rebel leader.
After the plan goes terribly awry, both women fall into the possession of the tyrannical Queen. Not all is as it seems though.
As the Clockwork Renegades fight to find their way back to one another, the manipulative Queen fights to pull them further apart.
The odds seem insurmountable as the final encounter draws near and the rebels will need to decide if the Queen is worth saving or if her death would bring salvation to all.


The Dragon Child

Nikita Boshoff

When Lucy Clare goes on a school trip to Scotland without her parents’ permission, the last thing she expects to find out is that she’s the key in an age-old prophecy. The Morrigan, an ancient Celtic goddess, is coming and Lucy is the only one who can stop her from destroying the worlds. When the Morrigan accidentally kidnaps Lucy’s best friend instead, saving the multiverse becomes personal. Lucy must embark on a journey that will bring her face to face with evil. But destiny is not a paved path and Lucy must fight through a world of darkness, magic and old gods before she can rise as the Dragon Child.

The Dragon Council

Nikita Boshoff

For though the child wears human skin,
The child will be the Dragons’ kin –
Born of both the dark and light
Depth of heart both shadow and bright.

Lucy Clare has been sentenced to death. As an untrained Dragon Child, who has no control over her power, the Dragon Council cannot allow her to continue to live.

When an unexpected friend gives the Dragon Council important information, Lucy realises that she may yet be saved. By finding the goddess Arianrhod, Lucy may still be able to redeem herself.

To find Arianrhod, Lucy will need to seek out the old gods, but the Morrigan is hunting the old gods as well. If the Morrigan gets to them first, it could mean the end of the multiverse.

At the same time, Lucy still needs to learn how to control her magic and she will face hardships on the path she has chosen. The end of the road could mean victory but it could also be the fall of the Dragon Child.

Shadows of Carnage

Thalia Lopes

A tale of allegiance
In Rigel, the Shadow God decides which of his descendants shall rule the Andromic Empire. When the charismatic Prince Daedalus is not chosen, the nation is broken hearted. Daedalus, while not a Magic Caster, has a silver tongue, golden heart and iron will; he still vows to serve the nation. After a rogue attack in Rigel, a small child named Anthea is the lone survivor in her family. She is chosen by the Shadow God to serve as a Guardian to the Sovereign and the royal family and must undergo elite training to become a deadly Magic Caster.
Alice, a Paladin and the head of the Sovereign’s defense, does not trust Anthea, afraid of the raw power the child will grow to possess. But while Alice was watching Anthea, she should have been watching a much greater threat.

With so many people sworn to protect the Carnage family, it is hard to know who to trust.

Time Torn

Ilse V Rensburg

To protect the people she loves from destruction, Cris Scarlet made the ultimate sacrifice – her life.

Or, at least, she thought she had. After a nuclear war rips apart our world she wakes, alive, to find the veil of time broken but the world as she knows it is gone. Instead, every dream and every nightmare walks around us.

Trapped on a pirate ship, surrounded by a cold-blooded crew and sirens in the ocean around her, it’s up to Cris to discover the truth and restore the veil before time is restored and the world is forever destroyed. But could the crew be something more than she first thought?

Twisted Fate

Ilse V Rensburg

Fantastical beasts walk the streets. Our Earth, as we know it, is dead and the veil of time is beyond repair.

Waking to this reality, Jesse Valentine believes he’s been given a second chance after sacrificing himself to save humanity. But The Fates have a very twisted plan for him.

Will Jesse succumb to the darkness he’s thrust into, or will he rise to be the hero the New World needs?

Heka and the Colour Thief

Dennis Dvornak

For she so cherished the dead, she wove them dreams from all the colours of Eternity…

Few can weave with the colours of Eternity, but this young witch is amongst the most skilled. In her small corner of the Underworld, tucked away in the Outer Dark, Heka weaves dreams to ease the passage of lost souls.

But there is more to the world than the dreaming of the dead. Chaos knocks when a mysterious stranger tricks her into crafting them a special dreamweave—with colours capable of warping the very fabric of the Underworld to her will.

Heka must abandon her sanctuary and journey deep into the Underwilds to track the renegade down. The King of the Broken Crown will not take lightly to this threat to his domain, and Heka must risk his wrath if she is to stop the intruder from reaching the Innermost Dark and subverting death itself to her unknown ends.

But the wilds are a living dreamscape, offering the traveller mirrors of the soul at every turn. Heka knows that to traverse them is to navigate the dark regions of one’s own heart. When her greatest strengths are stripped away and her fears manifest in the landscape itself, can the weaver wile herself free from the prisons of her mind before the veils of Eternity are torn forever?

Heka and the Colour Thief is a mythic fantasy tale about how death, magic, deception, longing, and loss weave together to craft reality from dreams. Loosely inspired by Greek myth, alchemy, and Jung, it follows the journey of a young witch through her shadow.

Crimson Skies

Kelan Gerriety

It does not rain. Not unless someone is killed.
Its been four months and the soil is hard and dry. People are suffering, the dam is low. Sarla, Dyle, Jex and Aila are the next chosen offerings. They will be sacrificed for rain, that is if they don’t escape first.
The escape through the canyon is full of dangers, but stars shine on the other side. Surely it is safe where stars deem it fit to shine?

Into the Dark

Kelan Gerriety

Part 1

The orcs made the desert, but they did not make the canyon. This was a gift from a stranger from the sky, a new world was given to them if they help conquer it. Nox knows they cannot go on destroying everything, he must find out the stranger’s ultimate goal before it is too late.

Part 2

The faeries are wild and tiny and unconcerned with the greater world. They chase Darkness and thrills and that is as big as their world needs to be for them. But the faeries are growing and so too is their role in Taipan.

Part 3

It seems impossible that anyone can change, except to protect one’s brother.

The Geomancer and the Large Rock

Abi Godsell and David Griessel

There are many things under the still earth.
There are streamlets that sing and crystalline caverns and the tiniest of particulate rocks in a thousand-thousand types of oil.
There are also Large Rocks, and Geomancers who Dive to the limits of their magic.
This is a story about Them.

(Adult children’s story, illustrated short story)


Blood Sipper

Ilse V Rensburg

In this short novelette, Victorian London has been plagued by numerous murders where the victims, all fallen women, have had their entrails removed and their throats slit. Five ghastly murders stand out, leaving one to wonder; does the devil walk among us?

This is not a story of the Canonical Five, this is a ghastly tale of the beast behind the murders and what becomes of him.

Our Immaculate

Jason Hes

“He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked, and he shall rejoice. We shall all rejoice.”

Twenty-four hours ago, Electra Almacy was dying to leave Our Immaculate Academy for good. Now – hunted by a demented blood cult and a primeval entity known only as the Boy with the Red Feet- she may actually die trying to escape.

Last night, Delphi Makholwe, the school’s newly appointed head girl, thought that waking up to an unstable student standing naked at the foot of her bed was the worst thing that could happen to her. Now, tormented by an ancient ritual and a creature that shouldn’t exist, she’s about to encounter far worse things.

Forty-one years ago, Doctor Eva Hamilton, principal of Our Immaculate Academy, became consumed by a little boy who promised her paradise. Tonight, she’ll spill as much blood as it takes to make sure his vision is realised.”

Science Fiction


Caldon Mull

Dragged from semi-retirement in the year 2060 by a desperate Earth government, Nadia Oliphant is conscripted to investigate and solve code name Memestalk; a deadly bio-cybernetic virus.

She would much rather quietly watch the sunsets from her Namaqualand home but agrees to help when the pandemic gets personal.

Pushed reluctantly into a world she loathes, she returns to a chaotic Cape Town to begin the race against Memestalk for the life of her grandson and millions more.

Hacked is a handbrake-turn through a speculative future with high tech and higher stakes.



Kelan Gerriety, Vittorio Leonardi, Nikita Boshoff, Ashleigh Hattingh Macfie, Dennis Dvornak, Jason Hes and J E Gallery

Ethereal is a multi-author anthology. The stories range from Dark Fantasy through to Light Horror.

“It is you and the Dark as eldritch grin seems to widen and two beautiful mermaids swim through sand. The beggar following just behind you, knows your name; how is that possible? Yet Maggie must be found. You lose hope and give in to wolves and beasts in both black snow and lovely forest. In the Light, you see the face of an angel. But in the Dark, tentacles strum at your fraying sanity.”

Relative Scale

Abi Godsell

Relative Scale is a collection of speculative short stories spanning the journey from childhood to living as an adult in this sometimes lonely and sometimes star-filled world. From enchanted gardens governed by the strict rules of old magic, to the murky horror of high school crushes and into the cold and beauty of space.

There’s something here for you, whether you are carrying magic chalks, keen-honed axes, or nothing but the vision of a dome in the desert. Step into these small pockets of worlds and words in Abi Godsell’Supplier first solo collection of works.