Crimson Skies Book Trailer

Crimson Skies Book Cover Image

Crimson Skies

Fantasy, Horror, Escape

Relative Scales Series Cover Image


Fantasy, Horror, Escape


Our Immaculate Book Cover Image

Our Immaculate

Fantasy, Horror, Escape

Blood Sipper Book Cover Image

Blood Sipper

Fantasy, Horror, Escape

Relative Scales Series Cover Image

Teenage Years

Fantasy, Horror, Escape


Relative Scales Series Cover Image

Growing up

Fantasy, Horror, Escape


Relative Scales Book Cover Image

Relative Scale

Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi

About us

There were stories that couldn't come alive at traditional publishing houses, but breathed fire with Sera Blue.

Authors and Artists came together to create epic stories, and it changed everything.

Sera Blue is a vibrant publisher based in Midrand, South Africa.

We are a small team of multi-skilled professionals who are passionate about books.

We provide a personal and creative publishing experience for our authors and we believe in the final work staying true to the author’s vision.

We pour our focus into genre fiction such as fantasy, horror and sci-fi, as well as the many subgenres from there.

We believe every person has a story to tell and in 2016 we opened our doors to help authors bring their fiction stories to life.

We often attend markets, events, writing panels and podcasts throughout the year and update our social media platforms regularly for places you might find us.

Across our social media platforms we also announce when we are open for submissions, how to submit manuscripts, our competitions and give aways.

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