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Crimson Skies

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Elements of Night

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About us

There were stories that couldn't come alive at traditional publishing houses, but breathed fire with Sera Blue.

Authors and Artists came together to create epic stories, and it changed everything.

Sera Blue is a New Age publishing company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

We offer a range of services to authors from traditional publishing, to subsidy publishing, to editing, and cover designs, just to name a few options. Whatever your needs, they can be met here.

Currently we publish young adult books, children’s books, graphic novels and more.

There’s a little something here for everyone - from horror through to romance, book layout through to ISBN registration.We also offer advice on unfinished manuscripts through to full publishing services where we handle all the legal work so you can simply follow your passion of writing or illustrating.

Our Portfolio

The EON Series

Crimson Skies Book Cover Image

Crimson Skies

Fantasy, Horror, Escape

Element of Night

Fantasy, Horror

The Team

Read all about our authors and artist and their interviews here

Kelan Gerriety

Writer & Founder

Kelan Gerriety couldn’t stop dreaming, so she turned those adventures into books. She has written the EON Series which releases with book one, Crimson Skies

Leanne Gerriety and Matthew Innes

Animation & Design

Leanne Gerriety and Matthew Innes can draw until their fingers bleed, but they like it like that, they’re a twisted couple. It’s exactly the combination Crimson Skies has begged for, and they answered.

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